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  • Advanced Phonebook, v. 1.71

    5.82 Mb Abaiko Software Shareware
    Tired of trying to remember phone numbers, e-mail addresses, MSN, ICQ, AOL and other contact information? Advanced Phonebook allows you to keep it all in one place. Quick access to any contact via the alphabetic index and contact categories. Additionally, Advanced Phonebook can search by any criteria. Also, it is possible to create a report or export data to an HTML or CSV file.
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  • Advanced Phonebook, v. 2.03

    5.34 Mb Abaiko Software Shareware
    Tired of trying to remember phone numbers, e-mail addresses, MSN, ICQ, AOL and other contact information? Advanced Phonebook allows you to keep it all in one place. Quick access to any contact via the alphabetic index and contact categories. Additionally, Advanced Phonebook can search by any criteria. Also, it is possible to create a report or export data to an HTML or CSV file.
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  • Amibook, v. 1.9.1

    1.05 Mb Cockrum Publishing Shareware
    Amibook is the organizer for the rest of us, the Pim you've been looking for. You can easily manage your time and contacts with it's one-screen access to your address book, appointment book, and task list. Manage your time. Don't let it manage you! With one click you can dial a phone, start an email, or go to a website. You can schedule tasks and appointments, get printouts for your paper planner, and import your Window (R) address book.
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  • Bill Maker, v. 1.0

    4.98 Mb Teknowledge Software Freeware
    This software is an excellent tool for creating custom Bills, Invoices, Quotations, Challans etc Create,Modify or Cancel bills with full flexibility as per company'sor customer's requirement Manage your customers and suppliers. Find out whom you owe money and whom to contact in case of low stock. Give your customers a sense of satisfaction . Show them online product details such as photo, specification etc Provides Inventory for stock.
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  • Cell Phone Inspector Program, v.

    0.70 Mb Partition Recovery Shareware
    Mobile inspector utility helps to extract complete details of mobile and SIM card like mobile manufacturer name, model number, SIM IMSI number, mobile IMEI number, text SMS status, contact name and number, signal quality, memory status and saves the recovered information in txt file format at user specified location. Software is available with VC++ source code which describes much information related to cell phone.
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  • Cell Phone Investigation Software, v.

    0.67 Mb Hard Drive Data Recovery Shareware
    Windows mobile investigation utility provides mobile detail about IMEI, IMSI, model number, manufactures name, signal quality, battery status. Utility is available with source code, it is helpful for students for their research work on mobile technology. Software support for all manufacture made mobile like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Spice and many other. Tool is proficiently works with both GSM and CDMA mobile phones.
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  • CleverCell Phone Manager, v. 1.2

    1.20 Mb CleverCell Software Shareware
    CleverCell Phone Manager is an easy-to-use logging, multimedia and synchronization software designed for cell phones. Program can automatically log and synchronize data of your GSM phone with PC. It also has Multimedia Center for viewing pictures, playing melodies and loading java games. Send SMS messages from PC - it is much faster and easier! Also, you can browse the content of your mobile disk like you do it in Windows Explorer.
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  • Corporate Directory, v.

    35.41 Mb View2C Shareware
    Use this quick search utility to find contact details of your co-workers. Turn the contact details already in the organization's MS Active Directory into a phone book. Corporate Directory retrieves in 2 seconds any extension, mobile number or e-mail address (and other details) of anyone in your organization. Corporate directory is optimized to return results in the fastest way possible - as you type. Corporate Directory works offline.
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  • Data Doctor Pocket PC Forensic, v.

    1.17 Mb Data Doctor Recovery Sim Card Shareware
    Pocket PC monitor tool gets complete information like SIM IMSI and mobile IMEI number, service provider information, model number, text messages and manufacture detail etc. Data Doctor Pocket PC forensic software supports windows based mobile device, handheld, PDA device and Smartphone etc. PDA mobile device surveillance utility generates several forensic reports and saves all reports in text format on your laptop or desktop hard disk.
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  • Data Recovery SIM Card, v.

    0.66 Mb Unerase Unformat Shareware
    SIM card data recovery software fetches the inbox, outbox and draft messages even when they have deleted from cell phone SIM card memory and provides full data backup of your phone erased SIM memory. SIM card data backup program also used to recover the corrupted SMS lost due to virus infection in your mobile phone. Data revival tool analyses the content stored in your SIM card like SMS, contact numbers and print the recovered information.
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  • Deleted SMS Recovery, v. 5.0.1

    1.14 Mb Sim Recovery Shareware
    Sim card data recovery tool recover recently deleted text SMS messages with contacts numbers from mobile phone sim card memory. SIM card lost SMS recovery software retrieves deleted phone contact numbers corrupted sim card sms recovery software can also recover simcard SMS messages with contact numbers that are not readable by your mobile phone. SIM Card Contacts Recovery Software show ICC identification number printed on the smart card software.
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  • Easy Telephone Directory, v. 1.1

    2.07 Mb UK Software Freeware
    Telephone Directory is a must for those who need an easy to use phone book with no frills or ads or spyware.
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  • Express Notes Information Organiser, v. 1.02

    0.10 Mb NCH Software Freeware
    Express Notes lets you store and organize notes on your computer. Typically this software is used as a phone or address book, diary or card file but it can be used for just about anything. Some examples include todo lists, recipes, customer records and more. It is as easy to use and as flexible as a paper cardfile but by using your PC you can search, order and organize notes faster.
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  • IdentaFone Pro Caller ID Software, v. 2.70.1

    2.95 Mb IdentaFone Software Shareware
    IdentaFone is a full featured call logging program that offers many ways to keeps you informed about your caller's identity including speech.. reverse number web lookups... paging... PCS/GMS cell phones and email. Are you tired of sales calls? Block any caller you choose! Get off telemarketer lists with the telezapper type tones included with the rejection messages. Detailed caller logs and a phonebook allows you to track all your calls.
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  • LogIt, v. 2.0

    1.31 Mb Cockrum Publishing Shareware
    Keep track of who you contact, and when you did it! LogIt is the perfect tool for individuals and small businesses to maintain address books and contact histories. Use it to start your emails, visit websites, start phone calls, record each contact with the people in your life. Print envelopes and address books for the people you select. Print contact histories for the range of dates you need. LogIt does it all from just one screen.
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  • m9P Phonebook, v. 1.2

    0.63 Mb mental9Production Freeware
    m9P Phonebook is mental9Production's phone book database application. This PIM (personal information manager) is a very simple and easy to use program. You can use m9P Phonebook to save information about your contacts. m9P Phonebook is also equipped with an internal web browser.
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  • m9P Phonebook2, v. 2.1

    11.08 Mb mental9Production Shareware
    This phonebook manager provides you with an easy way to store and retrieve your contacts information. m9P Phonebook2 is highly customizable, can handle multiple phonebook databases and is capable of exporting a database to a web form for use on the intranet or the internet. Phonebook records can have multiple forms of attachments. m9P Phonebook2 is equipped with a media player, a web browser, and a text editor.
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  • Mobile Phone Data recovery Software, v. 5.0.1

    1.14 Mb Recover Mobile SIM Card Shareware
    Mobile Phone Sim card data recovery software recovers all deleted and formatted SMS from Mobile Phone Sim Card memory. Mobile phone data recovery tool works on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Win 2000/2003 and Vista. Sim card data retrieval application is useful for retrieving recently deleted text SMS messages and contacts from cell phone sim card. Sim card sms data retrieval tool is easily show Sim identification number along with service.
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  • Mobile SIM Card Reader Tool, v. 5.0.1

    1.14 Mb Recover Cell Phone Sim Card Shareware
    Mobile Cell Phone SIM card data recovery software restore deleted SMS recover accidentally deleted mobile phone missing inbox sent items SMS. Cell phone sim card data recovery tool retrieve read and unread inbox messages, outbox messages, sent items SMS (short message services) messages. Mobile phone sim card recovery can recover also mobile sim card ICC-ID (identification number) and service provider name. Recover deleted text messages software.
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  • MSD Organizer, v. 10.1

    6.24 Mb MSD Soft Shareware
    MSD Organizer is a complete, powerful and easy to use personal and professional information manager with calendar, alarms, tasks, contacts, personal diary, property, budget, health and music. It also provides the following tools: backup and restore, network messenger, word processor, image viewer, calculator and financial calculator.
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