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  • Akita Kanto Festival, v. 1.1.0

    0.33 Mb Novel Games Limited Freeware
    This game is about a traditional Japanese festival. In this festival the participants will need to use their heads (or shoulders, or waists) to balance a large array of lanterns. In this game you have to balance the lanterns for at least 10 seconds. Use the mouse to move the man around and balance the lanterns.
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  • Allmighty Plan, v. 1.0

    5.3 Mb Lucky Legend Games Freeware
    People lost their trust in good and as a result the pure evil is taking over the world. You are one of the rare priests left that still has hope in the Lord all mighty. You are asking the Lord for the last time to give you courage and show you the right way to fight evil. And look at that. A gun appears in your hands. You cannot get any clearer message than that. Now you know that the Lord approves your actions. Have no fear.
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  • Alpha Bravo Charlie, v. 1

    0.67 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    When military types play scrabble, hilarium ensues. Or is this game actually about action?
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  • Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb, v. 2.1

    17 Mb Shareware
    Welcome to Egypt! A piece of an ancient map was discovered and is believed to reveal the location of the Lost Tomb of Egypt. Under the direction of the Museum, you must immediately begin your adventure to locate the Lost Tomb and the treasures locked within!
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  • Amazons VS Athenians, v. 1

    0.37 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    Decide who'll win in this brutal fight, the Amazons or the Athenians!
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  • Amoeba Astroid, v. 1

    0.08 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    Amoeba Astroid is basically like the old astroid game, but very fast paced.
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  • An Average Day Adventure at School, v. 1

    1.56 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    Choose your own adventure in this average day adventure at school!
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  • Animal Hunter Gore Version, v. 1

    0.23 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    If you like to hunt, you're sure to enjoy this strangely addicting hunting game! Not for the faint of heart.
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  • AquaField, v. 1

    0.74 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    Swim around as a fishy, yippee!
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  • Arabian Knight, v. 1

    1.27 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    Cut your way through baddies as the Arabian Knight!
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  • Arcadia REMIX, v. 2.07

    12.12 Mb Shareware
    Get ready for a retro romp thatll have you dodging aliens and jumping bottomless pits like it was 1982. In Arcade REMIX, youll travel through an arcade wonderland and try to unlock 16 mini-games by dominating the high scores on five classic arcade machines. It wont be easy though: youll be playing up to 4 games at a time, so you had better bring fast reflexes and a pocketful of quarters.
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  • Armada Assault, v. 1

    0.55 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    Lead the Armada Assault against enemy planes!
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  • Armada The Final Assault, v. 2.0

    1.9 Mb Free Action Games Freeware
    Armada the final assault action has begun! You are the best jetplane pilot the planet Earth has to offer in this critical moment. Why critical? The Earth got into the world war 3 and while people are killing each other the alien forces decided to use their chance to eradicate the human race. You mission is legendary! You have to take on alien aircrafts by yourself.
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  • Assault 2, v. 1

    0.56 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    A fun choose your own adventure flash movie!
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  • Assault 3, v. 1

    1.58 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    The 3rd episode in this enjoyable choose your own adventure flash movies!
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  • Assault 4, v. 1

    3.29 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    The 4th in this fun movie series!
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  • Assault 5, v. 1

    2.4 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    The most recent episode in this fun flash movie series!
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  • Assault Part 1, v. 1

    1.97 Mb Download Games Free Freeware
    Choose how to assault in this multi-optioned "choose your own adventure" type game!
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  • Asteroid Gamer, v. 1.0

    1.06 Mb top-products Freeware
    Destroy the rocks before they destroy you! Use your triangle ship of doom! Shoot the asteroids while avoiding collisions with them in this fast paced shooting games. How long will you survive in the asteroid field ?
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