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  • Express, v. 1.0

    1.70 Mb Freeware Express is the all-in-one, next generation anti-spam tool that protects you from the next generation of spams. Compatible with all versions of Windows and most E-mail clients, Express can safely and efficiently remove spam from your existing POP3, Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail, or IMAP accounts. Integrates easily with your E-mail client and logs all scanned messages allowing you to see which messages were blocked and why.
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  • Google bot last visit, v. 1.0

    0.01 Mb PRMania Freeware
    display last time Google bot visit your site, in stats page display the top 10 pages indexed by Google .
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  • Yahoo bot last visit, v. 1.0

    0.01 Mb Bots Visit Freeware
    Display the last time Yahoo bot visit your site , click in button and generate the code to put in your site, the image are linked to stats page here display the top pages indexed !
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