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  • FREE KEYLOGGER by PC Sentinel Software, v. 2.4.0

    .6 Mb PC Sentinel Software Freeware
    Now with FREE WEB ACCESS to log files! Easy to use internet monitoring & keylogging software makes it easy to record all keystrokes on the PC and helps protect children when they go online and surf the web. Secretly and automatically records keystrokes. Entire application can be password protected to prevent tampering.
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  • Website Informant, v. 1.0

    1.33 Mb Hoveround Wheelchair Freeware
    Website Informant is a simple piece of software which runs on your desktop. Just input the website(s) you would like to monitoir and it will instantly alert you to any updates or modifications. This piece of software is ideal for being alerted to hackers changing your website content or for just knowing when the content of your favorite sites are changed.
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  • Website Watchdog, v. 1.0

    1.28 Mb Garry Vacuum Freeware
    Website Watchdog is an invaluable companion for any webmaster or affiliate marketer. This software enables you to be instantly alerted to any modifications that are made to any website you decide to monitor. This software takes virtually no resources to run on your desktop and allows you to schedule automatic checks in accordance to whatever timefram you have deemed appropiate.
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